Who We Work for

The travel industry is home to some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the world. Wander believes that an energetic industry needs the best talent to sustain it and help steer its future.

That’s where you come in!

Wander is nothing without its candidates. We are on a mission to build relationships between exceptional employees and potential employers through gaining an understanding of who you are and what unique talents you have to offer.




We nurture our individual candidates, and help build confidence through: 

  • A personal approach to understanding you and your ambitions

  • Bespoke industry-focused workshops to open up the travel sector

  • 1-2-1 coaching for less experienced candidates


Inclusivity and Diversity


We understand the importance of and advocate for an inclusive and diverse workforce. Recognising the value that this brings to both organisations and individuals is why we are committed to not only sourcing conventional roles within the industry, but also helping candidates to navigate less traditional ways of accessing the world of work.

We are working with employers who, alongside fixed roles, are also committed to:

• Recent graduates and young people with limited experience

• Those interested in flexible, part time or remote roles, including parents returning to work

Our key mission is to partner with, support and place exceptional candidates no matter what their background or situation. A phenomenal workplace is one that represents the world we live in and how beautifully diverse it can be.
— Ricky Wilkes, Founder of Wander

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