Who We Work with


Wander works with world-leading travel companies and helps build the innovative brands of the future. We connect the best organisations with inspiring and like-minded candidates many other recruiters may not reach.

We know that if we invest in the people we work with, if we are a meaningful service for both companies and candidates and if we can tell the story of the industry through design-led projects, platforms & events like no one else, we can help travel clients build lasting relationships with talent.

Our key mission is to partner with companies who understand that a phenomenal workplace is one that represents the world we live in and how beautifully diverse it can be.
— Ricky Wilkes, Founder of Wander

Our Promise


We are committed to helping clients explore the new realities of work and employment.

We live in exciting and disruptive times, and through our digital-first, inclusive philosophy we want to offer clients the opportunity to test creative and ethical approaches to recruitment which in turn deliver a committed, fulfilled and diverse workforce.

We will help clients navigate an ever-shifting and competitive recruitment landscape to find the ideal candidate. We also recognise the pressures of time and cost, and will make sure that our fees and processes are always transparent and realistic.


The Key Factors

The reason we’re the choice of industry leading organisations, is our focus on:



We recognise that the wrong hire can cost your business £132k (source: REC) which includes training, lost productivity, staff turnover, wages and hiring time. It’s worth investing in the right candidates to save you a headache later on. We have no high fixed costs. You only pay if we are 100% successful on a contingency basis.


The average time to fill a vacancy is 48 days (source: including paperwork, job ad writing, shortlisting, interviewing and so on. Wander’s average time to fill permanent roles is less than 21 days.


We don’t simply use job boards to find candidates. Instead we proactively identify and attract leading talent, quite often from outside of the travel sector, through social media, referrals, organic reach, networking events and so on. Our enviable & broad talent pool means we can easily find candidates for your role and fill it efficiently with high quality talent.


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